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Chrome Bumpers

We're the proven, go-to company for superior quality chrome bumpers for the BMW 2002. These are US Spec BMW 2002 units made from 1967 through 1973 which have been reconditioned and chrome plated to a finish that's better than the original German chrome (and better than the standard chrome you'll find at many shops). Our bumpers are 'show chrome' - a lengthy process which involves copper or nickel plating, polishing, nickel plating, polishing, chrome plating (hexavalent, and not trivalent as is done in California) and then a final polish. The result is a beautiful and rich chrome finish for discriminating 2002 owners who want the best for their cars.

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We offer complete (5-piece) and semi-complete (3-piece) bumpers on an exchange basis with refundable core charge, or, we can repair and rechrome customer supplied bumpers for those who want to maintain the originality of their car. A complete 5-piece bumper set includes the center section, 2 corners or sides, and the 2 horns/overriders/bumperettes. For those wishing for the more streamlined or 'Euro' look, we recommend a 3-piece bumper, which includes the center and the 2 corners/sides (the European horn-delete chrome caps are available from BMW and many US and European suppliers (La Jolla Independant, Maximillian, etc)).

note: We no longer sell individual chrome bumper components, but might be convinced to do so in certain situations.

Finally: We stock only BMW 2002 bumpers, so please don't ask about other makes or models.

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