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Recaro Seat Strap Kit

Recaro Seat Strap Kit

Are you sitting too low? Can't see over the dash? If you have older BMW 320is Recaro seats in your 320, 2002, or other Bimmer (or older Recaro seats from (or in) any other car), you probably know what I'm referring to. The seat bottom suspension in old seats disintegrates with time, and the bottom collapses.

The solution is our seat webbing kit, custom built to fit vintage Recaro seats. The kit includes six new webbing straps (three per seat) and about 20 new 'hog-ring' clips. The straps are a little narrower than the original ones, but they work just fine.

Note: This kit will also replace the single sling-type straps common to the VW Jetta and aftermarket Recaro seats from the 1980's and 90's. If you're converting from the single sling-type suspension to our 3-strap version, you'll need to order 12 securing clips to fit the straps to your seat pans.)

Price: $45.00 (Kit)



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