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Aardvarc Racing Policies

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Aardvarc Racing (2002parts.com) was founded on the principle that the enthusiast deserved to have a web site with reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide you with high quality used, refurbished and new performance parts at a lower cost than most (if not all) of the other BMW parts suppliers. We use readily-available technology to streamline our processes and cut our business costs, and then pass these savings on to you. Prices in our online catalog are subject to change without notice. All invoices will reflect current and agreed-upon prices.

Could there be cases where we are simply not able to provide the best pricing or do not have the parts you want in stock? Sure, whether that be for reasons of sales volume, shipping weight/distance, or whatever, your best source may be somewhere else. In these cases, we will direct you to the organization that is able to offer you better pricing or service. We are glad to do this because:

  1. it is another part of our service (one that we hope will keep you coming back), and
  2. it lets us know what products we need to buy more aggressively.

Bottom line? Try 2002parts.com. We're right on-line, and it costs you nothing to check here first. If something you want is not listed on the web site, send us an e-mail. We will usually reply within 24 hours. We'll ensure that our pricing and service make us your final stop!


We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards and checks. Please DO NOT SEND CASH. Send check, credit card number (including expiration date) or money order. Credit card orders can be called in during business hours. For all orders outside the United States, please remit at current rate of exchange in U.S. dollars. Please make all checks payable to Aardvarc Racing. So that personal checks may clear our bank, orders are held a minimum of 10 business days prior to shipment. To hasten the clearance of your check, please include your birth date, telephone numbers, driver's license number and which state the license is issued in. To eliminate any delay you may send a money order or cashier's check. COD shipments will generally not be accepted, but in the rare occasion that a shipment is sent by COD, Aardvarc Racing will include a $7 per box service fee, and shipments must be paid in certified funds or money orders only.

We also accept payment through the payment service "Paypal.com." To arrange payment through Paypal, you must sign up first (over 1 million people have already). Signing up is quick, easy and you can download the money to your bank account or make payments at any time. No strings attached. Click on this link to sign up and see for yourself:


We do not carry open accounts. To avoid delays and expense, we recommend payment at time of order whenever possible.


If it becomes necessary to send a product back to 2002parts.com, you may return it to us after you contact us to discuss the issue. 2002parts.com will not accept packages that are not prefaced with a phone call or other form of communication. Any claims for refund must be made by telephone within fourteen (14) days (ninety (90) days for shock absorbers, struts, differentials, transmissions and brake calipers) of receipt of goods by purchaser.

Returned products must be shipped in suitable packaging to Aardvarc Racing at the buyer's expense. It is buyer's responsibility to insure all returned goods. Returned goods must be received by Aardvarc Racing in an undamaged condition, unless the original claim for refund was based upon damage created during shipping from Aardvarc to buyer. Upon receipt, we will then inspect the item, and determine if a credit will be allowed. If so, the item will be subject to a 10% restocking fee if the return is not due to an error on our part or a flaw not previously discussed or advertised.

Note: Special order items, such as custom manufacturing work, cannot be canceled or returned. Please be sure of your need/application when you order these products.


With 2002parts.com, you pay only the costs associated with shipping your products to your door — no handling fees are added unless specific shipping requirements are requested. Shipping price quotes are provided in advance of the actual shipping date based on expected package size and weight. It is possible that the estimates are slightly inaccurate, either in your favor or ours. This difference is usually less than $2-3. Products will normally be shipped via UPS ground, although we'll ship (and charge) based on any type of delivery you choose. Please inspect any shipments prior to acceptance if the container appears to be damaged in any way. It is the customer's responsibility to file damage claims with the carrier. If there are any shipping errors, please notify us immediately upon receipt and we will rectify the situation immediately.

Parts are usually shipped within 3 business days. However, for special orders and larger or heavy items requiring special packaging, additional time may be necessary prior to shipment. This time can extend to 7 business days. You will be notified of delays.


All products are sold "as is" unless they contain new parts that carry manufacturer warranties. Warranties for used shock absorbers, struts, differentials, transmissions, and brake calipers, and other products specifically represented as having warranties carry a 90-day warranty. Aardvarc Racing makes every effort to carry only the highest quality products. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of a used part or workmanship of any product, or with the service you have received, please let us know. We'll assist you in making your claim and resolving the problem.


Our liability is limited to the original purchase price of the merchandise.


Being a member of the Internet community shouldn't mean that you lose your rights to privacy. It is our policy that we completely honor the privacy of all of our customers and visitors. For this reason, we make the following promises:

  1. We will never sell, lease, or otherwise give any of the information about any of our customers to anyone.
  2. We may occasionally take advantage of our customer database to provide current customers with product information about automotive performance products in which we feel they will be interested. We will immediately honor any request that this service be discontinued.
  3. We will never keep any customer information on our networked servers. Customer information is kept on non-networked machines.

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